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Novel Approach

Our Process

Accommodating the multitude of recruitment demands of international staffing companies is not an easy job. Having a proprietary process in place is beneficial for attaining these objectives.

Human Forward

Delphi's Novel Approach to Hiring⚡

We believe it is the human side of our business that makes the difference in today's changing digital world. That's why we combine the power of today's latest technologies with our human knowledge to deliver the talent you need to power the business of your clients.



Address Needs


Step 1

Identify & Define

A standout feature of our recruitment process is the emphasis we place on comprehension. Before starting to search, vet, and select the ideal candidate to fulfill your client's requirements, we ensure to thoroughly grasp the finer points and the surrounding environment of such needs.


Step 2

Sourcing & Screening

Our sourcing approach is quite unique. An essential element here is the magnitude of our network that we can make use of. This is the consequence of numerous years of engaging with regional job markets and creating connections in countries such as the US and Canada.


Step 3

Selection & Evaluation

Our pre-screening stage utilizes the latest VMS and ATS tools, which are becoming more and more integral in today's recruitment. Our experienced recruitment team further assists us with refining the candidate pool.

Step 4

Post-Hire Follow-up


We prioritize delivering benefits to everyone engaged in the recruitment process, not just our staffing partners, but also the candidates.

An illustration of this is our practice of staying alert to how both the employer and the employee are faring once they begin their working relationship. We frequently assess the advancement of the association and offer extra assistance if needed.

Why Us?

Your Partner in Human Resources

As the year progresses and you start thinking about what's to come, a market-leading RPO partner is vital to helping you meet your goals.

Time & Cost Advantage

One of the key benefits of working with us is that you find the people your clients need quickly and efficiently.

Access Qualified Talent

Acquiring the right talent is a big challenge, particularly for industries with specialized skill requirements like healthcare and IT.

They Love Us!

Testimonials 😍

We have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing clients. Here’s what they think about our services. Everyone has a unique story to tell.

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