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Embracing technology

ATS and VMS Expertise

By utilizing sophisticated VMS and ATS tools, Delphi International centralizes the management of candidates, jobs, shifts, and tasks. This ensures that recruitment is streamlined and team productivity is increased.

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    Matching cost and performance goals with VMS

    A powerful VMS tool is capable of dealing with numerous labor disciplines and multiple cost centers in both centralized and decentralized settings.

    Our recruiters are knowledgeable in the utilization of sophisticated VMS solutions, which enable us to proficiently manage extended staff and the procurement of nurses, allied, locum tenens, non-clinical, IT, and non-IT staff.

    Efficient Talent Ecosystem with ATS

    An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an advanced technology solution that serves to simplify the recruitment process from beginning to end.

    With the multiple possibilities for engaging with contingent staff, utilizing a spreadsheet to track all the data is not sufficient. Therefore, Delphi RPO, as a leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm, utilizes reliable ATS tools to store all the information, allowing us to optimize procedures and observe compliance from the start to the conclusion of the worker cycle.

    Our skilled recruiters and sourcers are proficient at using numerous industry-leading ATS technologies to post job openings, organize and store applications, and manage and monitor candidates throughout the hiring process.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    Our absolute priority is to ensure our staffing partners receive the desired results. We recognize the significance of utilizing VMS and ATS technologies to simplify certain recruitment related practices for you, and our experts at Delphi RPO are always prepared to provide training to your team.

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