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Credentialing and Compliance

It's about time that the modern Credentialing and Compliance process ensures that the organization minimizes delays in filling vacancies and meets growth potential.

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    Synergy of tech and process optimization

    At Delphi, our healthcare credentialing services emphasize thorough research, swift approvals, and adherence to regulations. Our committed compliance specialist facilitates the credentialing process, thereby reducing expenses while maintaining the quality of professionals for your healthcare, IT, and Non-IT clients.

    Specialists at your disposal

    By outsourcing credentialing to Delphi RPO, you can avoid the need to draw from your other operational resources and redeploy your experienced staff. This enables you to allocate these resources to other areas to foster your business growth.

    Delphi’s compliance specialists are highly skilled and use cutting-edge credentialing systems to expedite the process, so you can meet your expansion goals.

    Our Value Proposition

    According to our partners, the most valued part of Delphi’s compliance and credentialing service is the coordination of primary source credential verification, including licenses, privileges, education/training, certifications, professional liability insurance coverage, and more.

    We understand the necessity of providing your clientele with highly qualified personnel in all areas. It is through our utilization of cutting-edge technology and our wealth of expertise in healthcare, IT, and non-IT sectors that outsourcing credentialing services through Delphi RPO can be a great asset to your organization.

    If you are looking to secure a team of competent and experienced professionals while keeping costs to a minimum, then outsourcing compliance and credentialing to Delphi International is the way to go.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    By outsourcing to a credentialing partner such as Delphi International, you can rid yourself of the tedious task of manual credentialing. Rather than devoting time to following up on heavy paperwork, you can concentrate on improving your business by taking advantage of our end-to-end credentialing service, which will effortlessly check, induct and ensure compliance to attract highly-qualified clinicians in a shorter time frame.

    A perfect partner like us can totally manage your credentialing in a way that assists you in adhering to regulations, improving the recruitment process, and augmenting your profitability. Here's why you should consider entrusting Delphi RPO with your medical credentialing.

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